Portsmouth, NH

Sproul Discovers Missing Piece in the Quest for GLBTQ Rights in Marriage

At a glancePORTSMOUTH, NH -- Co-owner of RainbowWeddingNetwork.com, Cindy Sproul has been involved with the GLBTQ community since she first came out over twenty years ago.


”I marched in some of the first Prides in Georgia,” says Sproul. “Some of them only had a few dozen people, and no sponsors or media or anything like that. Just some folks dashing across the streets at red lights to avoid getting hit by traffic.”


Her office overlooks a tranquil river, nestled in the backwoods of Western North Carolina. Her itinerary is written on white boards hanging across the wall – it’s a packed schedule full of Pride marches and meetings with GLBTQ nonprofit organizations in Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.


”Many of the nonprofits that I talk to don’t want me coming to their home states,” says Sproul. “They think that I’m moving in on their territory and taking their support structure. The truth is: I’m doing the exact opposite of that. I’m getting them more connected to their communities than they’ve ever been before.”


Sproul is producing the Same Love, Same Rights® Mobile Marriage Summit in Portsmouth, NH. Held on October 21, 2007 at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel, the event will serve as an open forum to all advocates for equal rights in marriage. Free to the public, guests can attend the event, listen to efforts currently in action for marriage equality, and share their ideas and strategies on how to create real change in America.


Show Your Face“We are on the cusp of marriage equality,” says Sproul. “If we unite as a community, we’ll be able to gain the same rights in marriage that other couples receive. But if we allow ourselves to be splintered, segmented and separated, we will accomplish nothing. That’s what we’re missing right now– solidarity in our actions.”


The Mobile Marriage Summit will also include a photography booth, where Cindy Sproul will be shooting couples who are married or planning ceremonies. No stranger to the lens, Sproul’s images have consistently appeared in Southern Voice, and her photographic documentary of lesbians living with cancer toured the country for two years.


“The goal is to have 5,000 submissions for the Commitment Photo Album by next year,” says Sproul. “Imagine seeing 5,000 different couples, some by themselves and some with their families, all in one album that you flip through. Just their first names, when they were married, and their pictures. We’re already compiling it and when it’s finished, it’s really going to showcase our diversity and our strengths.”






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